Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Gift Ideas for Girls who like Bugs and Insects

Real Baltic Amber Pendant with Preserved Insect
Liking the creepy critters that lurk in the backyard has long been thought to be a boys only thing to do, but unfairly so! I always loved bugs as a kid, I even had my own ant farm. So for all the girls out there, young and old, who like to break the mold, why not get them some fun insect themed presents?

Solar Power Energy Green
Grasshopper Insect Bug Locust
One of my favorite presents of all time is an amber pendant I got from my grandmother, with an ancient fruit fly preserved inside. It is really beautiful as well as completely unique. Plus its always fun to explain to friends just how ancient your little fossilized friend it. You can find loads of different styles of insect-containing amber pendants online, with different shapes, sizes and types of insects contained within.

If you are looking for some cute stocking stuffers or mini-gifts for an insect lover, there's lots of choices. The solar powered bug on the right made me smile, and you can also get packs of toy insects which girls can have fun collecting and learning to identify.

Colorful Bug Nets
For younger girls just starting out with their bug hunting hobby, a great gift idea is some basic tools to capture and observe insects. If she's a butterfly fan, consider getting her a butterfly net like the one above (they come in lots of different colors), and for smaller, non-flying bugs opt for this Bug Vacuum Set. Why not combine it with some magnifying cases to keep the critters in, a book on insects so that she can identify her finds? 

There you have it! Some fun ideas for finding the perfect gift for an insect loving kid. I hope you found what you were looking for - don't forget to check out the rest of my blog for plenty of gift ideas for girls of all ages!


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