Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Gift Ideas for Girls who love Phoenix Wright and the Ace Attorney Series

Mia, Maya and April Ring Binder
HOLD IT! Are you looking for some fun Phoenix Wright and Apollo Justice themed presents for a rabid Ace Attorney fan? Look no further! This post is going to be looking at some sweet legal treats that you can get her for Christmas or her birthday. Read on and have fun!

First of all, there is some really cute stationary you can get for school and college aged fans. My favorite is the ring binder above, but you can also get an Ace Attorney Apollo spiral notebook or a version with the Blue Badger! If she is between phone cases, Capcom have a Zazzle store which is full of Ace Attorney phone covers for the most popular phones. 

2 Set Costume pin badge Ace
Attorney sunflower emblem
You can also get some cute Ace Attorney kitchenware that is a lot of fun to collect. I have a Miles Edgeworth mug which my friends are always stealing when they come over. Sigh.

Does the girl you are shopping for love casual cosplay or collect accessory merchandise? Why not buy her the adorable pin set on the left so that she can flash her badges at everyone she meets? It'll never get old. Honest. Please note that these badges do not qualify you to practice law, but they qualify you to point and shout.

Ace Attorney Orchestra Key Chain
There's also a really cute key chain you can get with Larry, Phoenix, Mia and Pearl playing instruments, featured above. If you are looking for some other fun fashion accessories, there's loads of Phoenix Wright themed pin buttons out there too. If you are looking for accessories for your bedroom, you can find hundreds of Ace Attorney posters right here.

Ace Attorney: Phoenix
Wright Fabric Wall Scroll
Last but not least, if she hasn't seen the Ace Attorney movie, and yes, there is a movie, then that is the perfect movie for you. Its probably the best video game movie I've seen - no I'm not kidding. It's hilarious and well worth watching. It's an adaptation of the cases of the very first game, and its incredibly well done and true to the source material. Makes a good drinking game too. 

So there you go, my guide to shopping for birthday and Christmas presents for a Ace Attorney fangirl. I hope you found some awesome ideas and that she loves it to pieces! If you liked this post, be sure to check out the rest of my blog for loads more themed gift ideas for girls of all ages.


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