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Cute Ballerina Themed Gift Ideas for Girls

Decorative Ballerina Dance Shoe Vase For Ballet Dancer's Room Decor
Are you looking for the perfect Christmas or Birthday gift for a ballet dancer or ballet enthusiast in your life? Well look no further than here! This post is going to be looking at all of my favorite gift ideas for ballet lovers of all ages, so read on and hopefully discover some wonderful presents for her.

Set of 3 Ballerina Girl Figurines
Sweet Poses Ballet
First of all, girls of all ages and styles can appreciate some incredible ballet themed bedroom and home decor, and there are a lot of gift choices in that regard. My personal favorite is the gorgeous ballet slipper vase featured above - why not gift it complete with a bouquet of elegant and feminine flowers?

You can also gift her a variety of different styles of figurine that would look amazing in a girls bedroom. The figurines on the right are good value, each set coming with all three lovely ornaments. I also very much like this Precious Moments cute and kitsch ballet ornament.

Little Miss Twin Stars Girls' "Ballet Beauty" 14k Gold Plated Enamel
Bow and Ballerina Shoes Pendant Chain Necklace
Lots of little girls love jewelry, and you can get some truly special pieces of ballet themed jewelry out there that would make amazing Birthday or Christmas gifts. Take the simply gorgeous gold plated ballet shoes pendant and chain feature above - any girl would be over the moon!

Angel Girl's Wooden Musical
Ballerina Jewelry Box
If you are shopping on a budget or just looking for a smaller gift for a stocking stuffer or her first dance recital, then there are cheaper but still amazing pieces of jewelry you can choose from - here's an incredible ballet shoes necklace, and here's a Swarovski crystal ballerina necklace, both for under $20. Meanwhile, for girls who collect charms and charm bracelets, you can get a beautiful antique finish dancing ballerina charm for her collection right here. So cute!

Does the little ballerina in your life need a place to store all of her wonderful new jewelry and accessories? Why not gift her a beautiful musical wooden jewelry box such as the one featured on the left, or for an older girl, a stylish ballet themed jewelry stand like this one?

Tippy Toeshoes Bear
Younger girls and girls who are young at heart might love to have a dancing ballerina teddy bear grace their lives, and if so they are in luck! Check out the gorgeous Tippy Toeshoes bear featured above, which is super cute, and also this cuddly plush ballet bear. You can even get a ballerina bunny.

Bella Dancerella Home Ballet
Studio with DVD
Last but not least, some of the best gifts you can get for a ballet dancer are of course some clothing and equipment for the dance! There are a huge array of dance clothing and shoes to choose from. If you are on a bigger budget, why not buy her a ballet bar so that she can practice at home?

So there you have it, my guide to Christmas and Birthday gift shopping for a girls who's crazy about ballet. I hope you found a gift that is perfect for her! If you liked this post and want to see more, be sure to check out the rest of my blog for even more amazing gifts ideas for girls of all ages and styles.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Gift Ideas for Girls who love Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon: The Complete Series (2013)
If you are shopping for the perfect birthday or Christmas gift for an anime girl who fight evil by the moonlight and who is completely in love with Sailor Moon, then you've come to the right place! This post is full of awesome present ideas, so read on and discover something that is just perfect for her.

Sailor Moon Box Set (Vol. 1-6)
My first suggestion for a Sailor Moon themed gift for a fangirl, why not buy her the complete series of the anime TV show, or the complete box set of the manga? If you aren't on a budget you could even get her both, or get her one combined with a hamper of smaller Sailor Moon goodies!

You can find all the DVDs in one place at the link above, and volume 1-6 of the manga for a great price on the right. You can get volumes 7-12 of it here.

Find Dress Women's Cartoon Digital Print Sleeveless Shirt Tank Top Sailor Moon
If she's a girl who never has enough clothes, a good gift idea is to get her some awesome Sailor Moon fashion accessories? There is quite a range of Sailor Moon themed clothing for girls out there that would make pretty gifts, such as the beautiful three panel tank top featured above.

Sailor Moon Sweater
Other t-shirts and tops that I love include this black Sailor Moon silhouette tank top, and this very pretty white Sailor Scouts themed junior tee.

If you are shopping for a gift in the winter season, the sweatshirt on the right would be just perfect: its bold, colorful, comfy and very warm. To keep her ears from getting too chilly, buy her some super cute Sailor Moon themed hats, such as this Artemis cat ears beanie hat, and this matching Luna cap.

You can even get Sailor Moon themed underwear out there, such as this Sailor Scouts bikini/bra set in all the different colors of the Sailor Scouts' costumes! Pretty crazy right!

Bandai Gashapon Sailor Moon Swing (All 6pcs Full Complete Set)
Speaking of clothing, there is a lot of Sailor Moon themed fashion accessories out there which would make wonderful gifts for an anime fan. For example, check out the cool collection of chibi Sailor Scouts themed key chains above. Another pretty option is that you can also get a keychain set featuring all of the Moon artifacts from the show here.

There are also plenty of gorgeous pieces of Sailor Moon themed jewelry out there, especially necklaces! You can get replicas of the beautiful jewelry from the show, such as the cosmic heart necklace, and the star shaped carrilion necklace.

If she has pierced ears, why not buy her these beautiful pearl crescent moon earrings? You can also get replicas of Sailor Mars' earrings, as well as Sailor Mercury's! If she collects charm bracelets, you can get a gorgeous Sailor Moon planetary symbols charm bracelet here.

Is she always on the move? Be sure she has some Sailor Moon bags and wallets to carry her accessories about in! You can get a very cute Sailor Moon Sailor Moon Hinged Style Wallet, and other wallets featuring Sailor Jupiter, Mercury, and Mars. You can also get a Sailor Moon themed draw-string bag, and a Sailor Mercury messenger bag.

Great Eastern Sailor Moon Plush Doll
Girls who love plushies are in for a right treat. Up above is the first of a range of amazing Sailor Moon themed plushie teddies. You can loads of characters in plushie form: Tuxedo Mask, Sailor Venus, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, Sailor SaturnSailor Chibi Moon, Artemis and Luna.

Bandai Tamashii Nations
Sailor Moon S.H. Figuarts
Action Figure
Last but not least, a cute combination of toy and bedroom decor piece is a cute Sailor Moon themed figurine, or even a whole collection of them! My favorite is the Sailor Moon on the right, which has fully moveable limbs, so you can pose it how you like! You can also get figurine versions of Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Venus, and Sailor Jupiter.

So there you go! That was my guide to shopping for the perfect Christmas or birthday present for a girl who is crazy about Sailor Moon. I hope you liked my selections as much as I do and found a gift that it perfect for her! If you liked this post and want to see more, be sure to check out the rest of my blog for even more awesome gift ideas for girls of all ages and styles. Have fun!

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Gift Ideas for Girls who love the Hunger Games

The HUNGER GAMES + CATCHING FIRE DVD +Digital Ultraviolet 2-Movie Set (Both Movies in 1 DVD)
Are you shopping for the perfect birthday or Christmas gift for a girl who is crazy about the Hunger Games series? Well then look no further! This post is going to be featuring some of my favorite gift ideas for Hunger Games, Catching Fire and Mockingjay fan girls of all ages. Read on and enjoy!

The Hunger Games Trilogy Set
The first gift that should jump to your mind for a Hunger Games fangirl is a cool DVD or blu-ray set, or the books if she hasn't read them yet, complete with all sorts of fun extras, behind the scenes goodies and commentaries. The DVD set above comes with both of the first movies in it and is available in Blu-Ray form, so that is a good place to start, meanwhile the boxed set on the right has all three of the Hunger Games trilogy books.

Here's a cool related idea: why not put together a Hunger Games gift-hamper, with the DVD or the books (or even both!) and lots of other smaller Hunger Games themed goodies featured on this page to go with it? I'm sure she will love it.

Movie Mocking Jay Necklace, Bronze
If she's the kind of girl whose jewelry collection is never complete? Why not get her some cute Hunger Games themed jewelry? There are lots of different styles of mockingjay pendants that would make a wonderful gift - you can get a bronze version above, and a sterling silver version here.

Hunger Games Jewelry: Katniss's
Simulated Ruby Arrow Necklace
There are other Hunger Games themed pendants out there too, such as the amazing Katniss ruby arrow necklace featured on the left or this very cute arrow necklace which can be personalized with her name! Its the perfect way to add a unique and personal touch to your gift.

If she has ear piercings, you can also find Hunger Games themed earring out there that make cool gifts. Naturally, you can get some Mockingjay themed hoops in gold and you can also get some Katniss arrow gold plated earrings too.

FEA Juniors Hunger Games
Logo Catching Fire Tee
Lastly in the jewelry section, if she likes indy style bracelets, check out this Mockingjay rope bracelet.

Why not also get her a cute Hunger Games jewelry box to store her new jewelry inside, like this Katniss box.

On the subject of Mockingjay fashion, there is also a whole range of Hunger games themed t-shirts available online which she might like. My personal favorite is the dusty blue colored mockingjay t-shirt on the right. I also like this District 11 Rue seal t-shirt, this bold red Catching Fire juniors tee, and this amazing Catching Fire girl's sweatshirt.

Barbie Collector Hunger Games Katniss Everdeen Doll
 If you are shopping for a younger girl or an older girl who likes to collect dolls, why not add a beautiful Katniss themed Barbie to her collection like the amazing one above? You can also get a Katniss Barbie in her Catching Fire Hunger Games outfit here. You can get a Peeta Barbie collector doll, and Effie Trinket!

The Hunger Games: Training Days
Lots of girls love board games, and if your giftee is a board game enthusiast, then you are in luck! Why not make her birthday or Christmas present the Training Days party game above, or a copy of the District 12 strategy game? You can even get a Hunger Games card game!

Barnett Outdoors Lil Banshee Jr.
Compound Archery Set
Last but not least, a girl who looks up to Katniss might want to try getting into archery! Its a lot of fun to learn and easy to start - why not buy her the Lil' Banshee beginners archery set on the left to get her started? I bet that she will love it and have a great time.

So there you go, my guide for gift shopping for a girl who is crazy about the Hunger Games! I hope you found some cool present ideas and that she loves your gift! If you liked this post and want to see more, be sure to check out the rest of my blog for even more sweet gift ideas for girls of all ages and tastes!

Monday, 23 June 2014

Cute Gifts for Girls Who Like Alice in Wonderland

Fallen Saint Alice in Wonderland We're All Mad Here Pocket Watch Necklace
Looking for some kooky gift ideas for a girl who is mad about Alice in Wonderland? Well you have come to the perfect place! This post is going to be looking at all my favorite Christmas and birthday gifts for Wonderland denizens. Let's get going and see how deep the rabbit hole goes. Oops. Wrong movie. 

Disney Alice In Wonderland
Drink Me Bottle Earrings
First of all, there is a whole heap of kitsch and unique Alice in Wonderland themed jewelry that would make a wonderful gift for any girl. I particularly like the 'We're all mad here' pocket watch necklace above, as well as the 'Drink Me' earrings on the right.

Alice In Wonderland T-Shirts
If she collects charms and loves charm bracelets, then you might want to consider getting her this crazy Alice in Wonderland themed charm bracelet, or this ten piece charm set for her existing bracelets.

There are a few other cute Alice in Wonderland themed pendants you can get too, such as this high quality Alice Falling gold plated necklace, and this Drink Me bottle necklace. You can also pick up some Alice in Wonderland themed earrings and an Alice stretch bracelet. Alice in Wonderland clothing is also a'plenty, check it out on the left! 

Queen of Hearts High Heels
Last of all in the fashion department, we have some awesome Alice in Wonderland themed footwear like the amazing Queen of Hearts high heels above. You can also get some matching flats if heels aren't your thing or if you need some day-to-day wear, and some amazing high heeled pumps with a teacup theme too!

Madame Alexander Alice
In Wonderland Doll
For younger girls, there are a few cute Alice in Wonderland themed dolls out there that would make perfect gifts! I love the Madame Alexander doll on the left, and you can also get other characters in the same style: the March Hare, the Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter and the White Rabbit. You can also get an Alice in Wonderland Barbie doll as well as a Fairy Tale High version of the character.

Its not just Alice dolls you can get for your giftee! You can find a lot of cute Alice in Wonderland themed plushies too for girls who love teddies! You can pick up a cute Cheshire Cat plush doll, the crazy Mad Hatterthe anxious White Rabbitthe angry Queen of Hearts and a super cute plushie of Alice herself.

Some cute decorations for her bedroom would also make awesome gifts! Figurines like the one above, are a great place to start. There are a few other Alice in Wonderland themed figurines out there, including the caterpillarthe Mad Hatter, and the mysterious Cheshire Cat. Check out my guide to decorating an Alice in Wonderland themed bedroom for more bits and pieces.

Last but not least, every Alice in Wonderland fan needs to take time out of their day to have tea, and they can't do that without a tea set, so why not get a funky colored set like the one on the right for them?

So there you have it! My guide to Christmas and birthday gift shopping for girls who love Alice in Wonderland. I hope you found something that will be perfect for her! Be sure to check out the rest of my blog for even more gift ideas for girls of all ages and tastes!

Gift Ideas for Girls who love Hello Kitty

Animal Print Hello Kitty Handbag
If you are having trouble finding the perfect gift for a girl who is crazy about Hello Kitty, then you have come to the right place! I'm a huge Hello Kitty fan, so this is a bit of a wish list for me, but in any case here I'll be featuring all of my favorite Hello Kitty themed gift ideas!

Hello Kitty Necklace
If she's constantly on the move, why not buy her a cute Hello Kitty handbag like the one above for her to store her nick nacks in? If that isn't big enough for her, then you can also get a super cute Hello Kitty glasses white backpack (or this black one).

Hello Kitty Hello Kitty Brush Set
There is also a lot of gorgeous Hello Kitty themed jewelry that would make a wonderful gift for any girl. The necklace on the right is really special, and you can also get some cute Hello Kitty earrings and a matching bracelet.

If you are shopping for a girl who loves to wear a lot of makeup, then why not gift her some cute Hello Kitty makeup accessories? You can get a beautiful Hello Kitty makeup brush set, a matching makeup palette, and Hello Kitty perfume.

Hello Kitty Golf Junior Set (3-5)
Being a fan of Hello Kitty isn't incompatible with being a sporting goddess! If you are looking for a gift for a sporty Kitty fan, then this section is for you - there are a tonne of Hello Kitty sports gear, stuff for almost every sport! Let's have a look.

Hello Kitty Sports Soccer Ball
If she's a soccer fan, why not get her a cute pink Hello Kitty soccer ball like the one on the left? For baseball fans, there is a baby pink Kitty batting glove set here. If she loves cycling, you can get her a beautiful Hello Kitty bicycle. Why not pair it with a super cute furry Hello Kitty helmet?

For all the tennis lovers out there, not only can you get a Hello Kitty tennis racket, but also a bag to hold it in, some tennis balls, a visor, and a matching polo tennis dress! If she is a junior fan of golf, there is a gorgeous hot pink golfing set above which comes with a hybrid, an iron, a putter, a head bag and some Hello Kitty head covers. You can pick up some Hello Kitty golf balls here.

Ty Hello Kitty - Ice Cream
I am a huuuuuuge fan of Hello Kitty teddy bears and plushies - I have an enormous pile of them on my bed and all of my shelves! Ty have a whole range of Hello Kitty beanie babies that are a lot of fun to collect and even more fun to gift. My personal favorite is the cute ice cream themed Hello Kitty teddy.

Hello Kitty Bowknot Plush Big Doll
Some more Hello Kitty beanies that I love are the safari themed kitty, the fantasy mermaid kitty, the lamb suit kitty, and this awesome set of three different colored bunny suit Hello Kitties. If you are shopping for a Christmas present, be sure to pick up the Xmas Hello Kitty beanie, and if you are looking for a lovely Valentine's day gift, there's a cupid Hello Kitty that would be just perfect.

If you are shopping for a girl who loves collecting pillow pets, then you are in luck, because there is a fantastic, plushy Hello Kitty pillow pet here! There's a Dream Lites version of it here.

Hello Kitty Pink TV
For the modern Hello Kitty lovin' gal, there are a tonne of electronics and accessories for your tech. Awesomely, you can actually get Hello Kitty themed TVs and monitors for your computer, such as the stylish black number above. If you shopping for someone who spends a lot of time on the computer, why not get her some cool accessories for it? You can get an adorable Hello Kitty mouse pada matching keyboard and a sweet Hello Kitty USB stick!

Does she love music? Why not get her a Hello Kitty themed boom box, a Hello Kitty wireless speaker system for her computer, or a set of Hello Kitty headphones for her iPod? You can even get an awesome Hello Kitty karaoke machine which is fantastic for girls who host a lot of parties.

Hello Kitty Bedroom in a Box
Last but not least, why not get her some awesome Hello Kitty accessories for her to decorate her bedroom with? I've done a whole post on Hello Kitty bedding! There are tonnes of bits and bobs there that would make amazing gifts.

Check Out Hello Kitty Square Pillows
Some of my favorite pieces of bedroom decor that I'll mention here are Hello Kitty pillows, which come in all shapes and sizes, this gorgeous crystal EVA Hello Kitty face lamp, and this colorful bumble bee Hello Kitty costume figurine

So that's my guide to shopping for the perfect gift for a girl who is crazy about Hello Kitty. I hope you found something that is perfect for her and that she loves your gift to bits! If you liked this post, be sure to browse the rest of this blog to discover even more adorable gift ideas for girls of all ages and tastes!

Top Steampunk Gift Ideas for Girls

Steampunk Tarot Deck & Book
Steam punk is one of the coolest aesthetics out there, for larps, costumes, roleplay, fantasy novels and so on, its got something just awesome about it. If you are shopping for a steam punk themed birthday or Christmas present for a girl, then read on, as this post will be looking at some of my favorite gift ideas.

Steampunk Your Wardrobe
First of all, there are loads of cool steam punk books out there that can fit anyone's steampunk tastes. For beginners to the steampunk cult, The Steampunk Illustrated Bible and the Illustrated History Guide are must have gifts. 

If she likes to make her own costumes for conventions, parties or everyday wear, the Steampunk Wardrobe guide on the right would make a wonderful present, with loads of tutorials on easy to make steampunk gear.

If she's into the tarot, featured at the top of this post is an awesome steampunk themed tarot set and book providing tips on spreads and interpretation of the cards. Pretty neat!

Women's Steampunk Corset, Jacket, and Belt
If you are on a middling budget, then why not get her something really special and add a bit of steampunk goodness to her wardrobe? I highly recommend the steampunk corset top and jacket featured above, which would look amazing as part of a greater costume and as everyday wear with some jeans or black pants.

There are lots of accessories you can get to add to her collection if you are on a budget: why not get her a cute steam punk Victorian style mini-hat for example? Another awesome piece of cosplay wear is a set of steampunk welding goggles like these.
There are also a tonne of amazing steampunk themed shoes, heels and boots out there just waiting for a good home. I highly recommend these Demonia cog themed Mary Jane flat shoes, which I own and love to pieces! 

Alchemy Empire
If she is a student or otherwise constantly on the move with a lot of stuff, why not gift her an amazing steam punk messenger bag to carry around her books, laptop and other gizmos, like the gorgeous one featured on the right, or this vintage real leather satchel? You can also get more modern laptop sleeves with steam punk decoration, such as this sweet cog themed bag.

Last but not least, there are some sweet portable fashion accessories that would make really cool gifts too. If she liked a bit of a tipple, then why not get her a steampunk brass clock hip flask for her birthday? She is sure to love it to bits!

Steampunk FIRE necklace pendant
Speaking of fashion accessories, you wouldn't believe the choice of steampunk style jewelry out there, all of which would make a perfect gift. Steampunk pendants and necklaces are the most common, such as the cool gear themed necklace and earring set above or the fiery sphere pendant below on the left. 

Steampunk Pressure Gauge Box
You can also get a lot of jewelry which combines steam punk with a nautical sea-faring theme, such as this nautical brass telescope pendant, or this brass octopus pendant. If she likes clockwork bugs, be sure to take a look at this cute steam punk dragonfly themed pendant. If the girl you are shopping for likes to wear rings, I recommend checking out this intricately designed silver gear ring and this cool Alchemy Gothic ring.

Need somewhere for her to store her new jewelry? Why not present her a cool jewelry box like the one on the left?

Gears of Time Sculptural Wall Clock
Last but not least, a final great birthday gift idea for a steampunk dame is some sweet steam punk decor to decorate her bedroom with. To start you off, why not get an awesome steam punk gear wall clock like the one featured above, or this feminine and bold Cupid Pierced Heart bronze clock.

Classic Gothic Steampunk Head
Statue Jewelry Treasure Box
There's lots of other bits of bedroom decor out there. If she needs some trinket and treasure boxes to keep her stuff in, check out the kooky skull box on the left or this antique gearwork trinket box. There's no shortage of cool ornaments either, such as this golden sundial compass and this rust effect steampunk dragon figurine.

So there you have it! Some fun and awesome looking steampunk themed gifts for a fantasy loving girl in your life. I hope you found something that is perfect for her and that she loves it to bits! If you liked this post and want to see more, be sure to take a quick browse of the rest of this blog, where you will find plenty more gift ideas for girls of all ages and tastes.
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