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Gift Ideas for Girls who love Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon: The Complete Series (2013)
If you are shopping for the perfect birthday or Christmas gift for an anime girl who fight evil by the moonlight and who is completely in love with Sailor Moon, then you've come to the right place! This post is full of awesome present ideas, so read on and discover something that is just perfect for her.

Sailor Moon Box Set (Vol. 1-6)
My first suggestion for a Sailor Moon themed gift for a fangirl, why not buy her the complete series of the anime TV show, or the complete box set of the manga? If you aren't on a budget you could even get her both, or get her one combined with a hamper of smaller Sailor Moon goodies!

You can find all the DVDs in one place at the link above, and volume 1-6 of the manga for a great price on the right. You can get volumes 7-12 of it here.

Find Dress Women's Cartoon Digital Print Sleeveless Shirt Tank Top Sailor Moon
If she's a girl who never has enough clothes, a good gift idea is to get her some awesome Sailor Moon fashion accessories? There is quite a range of Sailor Moon themed clothing for girls out there that would make pretty gifts, such as the beautiful three panel tank top featured above.

Sailor Moon Sweater
Other t-shirts and tops that I love include this black Sailor Moon silhouette tank top, and this very pretty white Sailor Scouts themed junior tee.

If you are shopping for a gift in the winter season, the sweatshirt on the right would be just perfect: its bold, colorful, comfy and very warm. To keep her ears from getting too chilly, buy her some super cute Sailor Moon themed hats, such as this Artemis cat ears beanie hat, and this matching Luna cap.

You can even get Sailor Moon themed underwear out there, such as this Sailor Scouts bikini/bra set in all the different colors of the Sailor Scouts' costumes! Pretty crazy right!

Bandai Gashapon Sailor Moon Swing (All 6pcs Full Complete Set)
Speaking of clothing, there is a lot of Sailor Moon themed fashion accessories out there which would make wonderful gifts for an anime fan. For example, check out the cool collection of chibi Sailor Scouts themed key chains above. Another pretty option is that you can also get a keychain set featuring all of the Moon artifacts from the show here.

There are also plenty of gorgeous pieces of Sailor Moon themed jewelry out there, especially necklaces! You can get replicas of the beautiful jewelry from the show, such as the cosmic heart necklace, and the star shaped carrilion necklace.

If she has pierced ears, why not buy her these beautiful pearl crescent moon earrings? You can also get replicas of Sailor Mars' earrings, as well as Sailor Mercury's! If she collects charm bracelets, you can get a gorgeous Sailor Moon planetary symbols charm bracelet here.

Is she always on the move? Be sure she has some Sailor Moon bags and wallets to carry her accessories about in! You can get a very cute Sailor Moon Sailor Moon Hinged Style Wallet, and other wallets featuring Sailor Jupiter, Mercury, and Mars. You can also get a Sailor Moon themed draw-string bag, and a Sailor Mercury messenger bag.

Great Eastern Sailor Moon Plush Doll
Girls who love plushies are in for a right treat. Up above is the first of a range of amazing Sailor Moon themed plushie teddies. You can loads of characters in plushie form: Tuxedo Mask, Sailor Venus, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, Sailor SaturnSailor Chibi Moon, Artemis and Luna.

Bandai Tamashii Nations
Sailor Moon S.H. Figuarts
Action Figure
Last but not least, a cute combination of toy and bedroom decor piece is a cute Sailor Moon themed figurine, or even a whole collection of them! My favorite is the Sailor Moon on the right, which has fully moveable limbs, so you can pose it how you like! You can also get figurine versions of Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Venus, and Sailor Jupiter.

So there you go! That was my guide to shopping for the perfect Christmas or birthday present for a girl who is crazy about Sailor Moon. I hope you liked my selections as much as I do and found a gift that it perfect for her! If you liked this post and want to see more, be sure to check out the rest of my blog for even more awesome gift ideas for girls of all ages and styles. Have fun!


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