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Gift Ideas for Girls who love Hello Kitty

Animal Print Hello Kitty Handbag
If you are having trouble finding the perfect gift for a girl who is crazy about Hello Kitty, then you have come to the right place! I'm a huge Hello Kitty fan, so this is a bit of a wish list for me, but in any case here I'll be featuring all of my favorite Hello Kitty themed gift ideas!

Hello Kitty Necklace
If she's constantly on the move, why not buy her a cute Hello Kitty handbag like the one above for her to store her nick nacks in? If that isn't big enough for her, then you can also get a super cute Hello Kitty glasses white backpack (or this black one).

Hello Kitty Hello Kitty Brush Set
There is also a lot of gorgeous Hello Kitty themed jewelry that would make a wonderful gift for any girl. The necklace on the right is really special, and you can also get some cute Hello Kitty earrings and a matching bracelet.

If you are shopping for a girl who loves to wear a lot of makeup, then why not gift her some cute Hello Kitty makeup accessories? You can get a beautiful Hello Kitty makeup brush set, a matching makeup palette, and Hello Kitty perfume.

Hello Kitty Golf Junior Set (3-5)
Being a fan of Hello Kitty isn't incompatible with being a sporting goddess! If you are looking for a gift for a sporty Kitty fan, then this section is for you - there are a tonne of Hello Kitty sports gear, stuff for almost every sport! Let's have a look.

Hello Kitty Sports Soccer Ball
If she's a soccer fan, why not get her a cute pink Hello Kitty soccer ball like the one on the left? For baseball fans, there is a baby pink Kitty batting glove set here. If she loves cycling, you can get her a beautiful Hello Kitty bicycle. Why not pair it with a super cute furry Hello Kitty helmet?

For all the tennis lovers out there, not only can you get a Hello Kitty tennis racket, but also a bag to hold it in, some tennis balls, a visor, and a matching polo tennis dress! If she is a junior fan of golf, there is a gorgeous hot pink golfing set above which comes with a hybrid, an iron, a putter, a head bag and some Hello Kitty head covers. You can pick up some Hello Kitty golf balls here.

Ty Hello Kitty - Ice Cream
I am a huuuuuuge fan of Hello Kitty teddy bears and plushies - I have an enormous pile of them on my bed and all of my shelves! Ty have a whole range of Hello Kitty beanie babies that are a lot of fun to collect and even more fun to gift. My personal favorite is the cute ice cream themed Hello Kitty teddy.

Hello Kitty Bowknot Plush Big Doll
Some more Hello Kitty beanies that I love are the safari themed kitty, the fantasy mermaid kitty, the lamb suit kitty, and this awesome set of three different colored bunny suit Hello Kitties. If you are shopping for a Christmas present, be sure to pick up the Xmas Hello Kitty beanie, and if you are looking for a lovely Valentine's day gift, there's a cupid Hello Kitty that would be just perfect.

If you are shopping for a girl who loves collecting pillow pets, then you are in luck, because there is a fantastic, plushy Hello Kitty pillow pet here! There's a Dream Lites version of it here.

Hello Kitty Pink TV
For the modern Hello Kitty lovin' gal, there are a tonne of electronics and accessories for your tech. Awesomely, you can actually get Hello Kitty themed TVs and monitors for your computer, such as the stylish black number above. If you shopping for someone who spends a lot of time on the computer, why not get her some cool accessories for it? You can get an adorable Hello Kitty mouse pada matching keyboard and a sweet Hello Kitty USB stick!

Does she love music? Why not get her a Hello Kitty themed boom box, a Hello Kitty wireless speaker system for her computer, or a set of Hello Kitty headphones for her iPod? You can even get an awesome Hello Kitty karaoke machine which is fantastic for girls who host a lot of parties.

Hello Kitty Bedroom in a Box
Last but not least, why not get her some awesome Hello Kitty accessories for her to decorate her bedroom with? I've done a whole post on Hello Kitty bedding! There are tonnes of bits and bobs there that would make amazing gifts.

Check Out Hello Kitty Square Pillows
Some of my favorite pieces of bedroom decor that I'll mention here are Hello Kitty pillows, which come in all shapes and sizes, this gorgeous crystal EVA Hello Kitty face lamp, and this colorful bumble bee Hello Kitty costume figurine

So that's my guide to shopping for the perfect gift for a girl who is crazy about Hello Kitty. I hope you found something that is perfect for her and that she loves your gift to bits! If you liked this post, be sure to browse the rest of this blog to discover even more adorable gift ideas for girls of all ages and tastes!


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