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Top Steampunk Gift Ideas for Girls

Steampunk Tarot Deck & Book
Steam punk is one of the coolest aesthetics out there, for larps, costumes, roleplay, fantasy novels and so on, its got something just awesome about it. If you are shopping for a steam punk themed birthday or Christmas present for a girl, then read on, as this post will be looking at some of my favorite gift ideas.

Steampunk Your Wardrobe
First of all, there are loads of cool steam punk books out there that can fit anyone's steampunk tastes. For beginners to the steampunk cult, The Steampunk Illustrated Bible and the Illustrated History Guide are must have gifts. 

If she likes to make her own costumes for conventions, parties or everyday wear, the Steampunk Wardrobe guide on the right would make a wonderful present, with loads of tutorials on easy to make steampunk gear.

If she's into the tarot, featured at the top of this post is an awesome steampunk themed tarot set and book providing tips on spreads and interpretation of the cards. Pretty neat!

Women's Steampunk Corset, Jacket, and Belt
If you are on a middling budget, then why not get her something really special and add a bit of steampunk goodness to her wardrobe? I highly recommend the steampunk corset top and jacket featured above, which would look amazing as part of a greater costume and as everyday wear with some jeans or black pants.

There are lots of accessories you can get to add to her collection if you are on a budget: why not get her a cute steam punk Victorian style mini-hat for example? Another awesome piece of cosplay wear is a set of steampunk welding goggles like these.
There are also a tonne of amazing steampunk themed shoes, heels and boots out there just waiting for a good home. I highly recommend these Demonia cog themed Mary Jane flat shoes, which I own and love to pieces! 

Alchemy Empire
If she is a student or otherwise constantly on the move with a lot of stuff, why not gift her an amazing steam punk messenger bag to carry around her books, laptop and other gizmos, like the gorgeous one featured on the right, or this vintage real leather satchel? You can also get more modern laptop sleeves with steam punk decoration, such as this sweet cog themed bag.

Last but not least, there are some sweet portable fashion accessories that would make really cool gifts too. If she liked a bit of a tipple, then why not get her a steampunk brass clock hip flask for her birthday? She is sure to love it to bits!

Steampunk FIRE necklace pendant
Speaking of fashion accessories, you wouldn't believe the choice of steampunk style jewelry out there, all of which would make a perfect gift. Steampunk pendants and necklaces are the most common, such as the cool gear themed necklace and earring set above or the fiery sphere pendant below on the left. 

Steampunk Pressure Gauge Box
You can also get a lot of jewelry which combines steam punk with a nautical sea-faring theme, such as this nautical brass telescope pendant, or this brass octopus pendant. If she likes clockwork bugs, be sure to take a look at this cute steam punk dragonfly themed pendant. If the girl you are shopping for likes to wear rings, I recommend checking out this intricately designed silver gear ring and this cool Alchemy Gothic ring.

Need somewhere for her to store her new jewelry? Why not present her a cool jewelry box like the one on the left?

Gears of Time Sculptural Wall Clock
Last but not least, a final great birthday gift idea for a steampunk dame is some sweet steam punk decor to decorate her bedroom with. To start you off, why not get an awesome steam punk gear wall clock like the one featured above, or this feminine and bold Cupid Pierced Heart bronze clock.

Classic Gothic Steampunk Head
Statue Jewelry Treasure Box
There's lots of other bits of bedroom decor out there. If she needs some trinket and treasure boxes to keep her stuff in, check out the kooky skull box on the left or this antique gearwork trinket box. There's no shortage of cool ornaments either, such as this golden sundial compass and this rust effect steampunk dragon figurine.

So there you have it! Some fun and awesome looking steampunk themed gifts for a fantasy loving girl in your life. I hope you found something that is perfect for her and that she loves it to bits! If you liked this post and want to see more, be sure to take a quick browse of the rest of this blog, where you will find plenty more gift ideas for girls of all ages and tastes.


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