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Fantasy Gift Ideas for Girls who love Fairies

Gifts & Decor Forest Magic Unicorn Fairy Figurine Home Accent Decor
If you are having trouble shopping for the perfect birthday or Christmas gift for a fairy enthusiast, have no fear. This post is going to be looking at all of my personal favorite fantasy fairy themed gifts, so pick out the ones you think she'll find the most most magical, and voila! Let's get started...

Orchid Fairy Lamp Statue Figurine
First of all, a really cute gift for any girl is to get her some wonderful decor to decorate her bedroom with. There are some amazing fairy themed pieces out there for your to choose from, such as the fairy and unicorn figurine featured above (you can find a whole range of fairy themed figurines in many different styles here), or the illuminating orchid fairy lamp on the right.

You can also get some absolutely gorgeous wall decor in the fairy theme, such as this stone fairy wall plaque. If she likes to fill her room with tea lights, you can also get a wonderful fairy themed candle holder here.

Fairy Charm Girls Pandora Style
Shopping for a girl who can never have enough jewelry? There are loads of fairy themed jewelry pieces available on the net, in many different styles to suit any girl. If she loves charm bracelets, why not get her a beautiful charm to go on hers? If she doesn't have a bracelet yet, I can recommend this beautiful Tibetan-style bead bracelet, which comes with a fairy charm.

Fairy Spirits Artemisia
Bracelet Watch - Quartz
It's always nice when a gift is functional as well as beautiful, which is why a fairy decorated watch makes an amazing gift. The one featured on the left is simply stunning I think, but if she doesn't like metal watches you can get a white leather and gold tone fairy garden watch which looks just as lovely.

There is lots of other types of jewelry available too! You can also get a very cute sterling silver fairy ring here, and this silver locket is very lovely.

Acosta Jewellery Crystal Fairy
Necklace with Moving Head & Wings
If she has pierced ears, why not get her some pretty fairy earrings to wear? These Wiccan style earrings are a great place to start. There are literally hundreds of other styles, makes and designs out there, from golden beauties to silver shinies and everything in between. Check some of the cutest ones out here!

If she's short on space for storing her existing jewelry (or the tonne of fairy jewelry that you bought her!), a fun alternative gift is to get her a fairy themed jewelry box to keep it all in. Here's a beautifully crafted lily fairy box for you to check out, and here's an adorable strawberry fairy trinket box that she might like.

Barbie Mariposa and The Fairy Princess Doll
For younger girls or girls who like to collect dolls, a cute gift idea is to buy her a fairy themed doll or a cuddly plushie. For Barbie fans, there exists a whole range of fairy themed Barbie dolls, my favorite being the one featured above. You can find loads more here!

16" porcelain Fairy 'Delilah' Doll
There are other styles of fairy dolls you can get, not just the classic Barbie. For example, if she likes the Eastern European look, why not get her this amazing fairy Mooshka doll? It even comes with a cute mini owl pet.

I like to collect porcelain dolls (I have over thirty!) and loads of mine are fairy themed dolls. Why not start off her collection with the beautiful May fairy porcelain doll featured on the right? Here's another pretty fairy doll from the same collection named Daffodil.

Very young girls might love a cuddly fairy teddy to play with, which is why I recommend this soft Tooth Fairy plush. Its super cute!

Faerie World Mythical Fairy Battle Chess Board Game Set
Last but not least, if you are shopping for a girl who loves board games and chess, why not pick her up a fairy themed version of a famous game? The Faerie World chess set featured above is my personal favorites, each piece a beautiful fairy or mystical creature.

If monopoly is her favorite game, you can get a fairy version of that too, featured on the left. You can also get some very cute fairy themed puzzles!

There you have it! my guide to shopping for a Christmas or birthday treat for a girl who loves fairies. I hope you found some cute gift ideas and that she loves your gift! If you liked this post and want to see more, be sure to check out the rest of this gift guide blog for plenty more gift ideas for girls of all ages and for all occasions.


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