Friday, 20 June 2014

Gift Ideas for Girls who love Harry Potter

Harry Potter: The Complete 8-Film Collection
I am a huge fan of Harry Potter, as are so many girls of my generation and others! There are loads of great Harry Potter pieces of memorabilia and merchandise out there for those shopping for the perfect Christmas or Birthday gift for someone mad about Potter, and this post will be looking at some of my personal favorites.

Harry Potter Paperback Box Set
First of all, the most obvious gift for a Wizarding enthusiast is to buy them the box set of all 8 DVDs or all seven Harry Potter books in paperback! Its the perfect way to let them relive the magical experience over and over again.

Speaking of the books, if the girl you are shopping for keeps a diary or journal, a fun gift idea is to pick up a high quality Potter themed notebook. This vintage agenda book is very beautiful, while this incredible metal crest journal would be perfect for Gryffindor fans. For girls who love bad boys, here's a replica of Tom Riddle's diary.

HARRY POTTER 14 inch collectable WAND
You don't have to queue up for hours at Ollivanders at Universal Studios (like I did) to get the coolest Harry Potter gift off all - a replica wand - you can get them online! Pretty awesome. You can get replicas of tonnes of characters wands: Harry Potter's is above, and here's Dumbledore's, Hermoine's, Ron's, Snape's, Bellatrix Lestrange's, Sirius Black's, Victor Krum's, Fleur Delacour, Narcissa Malfoy, Draco Malfoy, Neville Longbottom, Luna Lovegood, Ginny WeasleyProfessor Mcgonagall, and of course, He Who Must Not Be Named.

Harry Potter Golden Snitch Pendant Pocket Watch Necklace
If you are shopping for a girl who can never have enough jewelry, you are very much in luck. There is a huge amount of truly beautiful Harry Potter themed rings, necklaces and bracelets out there for you to gift to her, as well as some trinket boxes to keep them in. Here are just some of my personal favorites!

Deathly Hallows, Infinity, Owl
Love Cross Braided Leather Bracelet
First of all there are a tonne of Harry Potter necklaces and pendants out there. My favorite is the amazing Golden Snitch pocket watch pendant featured above, closely tied with the Time Turner pendant below. Big fan of the Deathly Hallows symbol? You can pick it up as a pendant here!

Hermione Granger's Time Turner
If her ears are pierced, why not present her with some beautiful Harry Potter earrings? Here are some very pretty Deathly Hallows symbol earrings that she might love! You can also get Golden Snitch earrings.

If she wears a lot of rings, why not pick up a set of Muggle Born and Mischief Managed twist rings for her to wear? Last but not least, you can get a gorgeous Golden Snitch bracelet and an amazing box set of five pins featuring all four house crests and the Hogwarts crest.

Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set
For girls with a sweet tooth, why not get her some replica candy from the series? Here's a tasty kit that you can get which comes with chocolate frogs and Bertie Botts' Every Flavor Beans. You can even put together a hamper with that kit, some Jelly Slugs, pumpkin juice and butterscotch beer.

If your giftee is the sort of girl who keeps a big pile of plushies in her room, then you should know that you can get a metric tonne of Harry Potter creature themed teddies for her to enjoy. You can pick up HedwigFluffyFawkes the PhoenixCrookshanksScabbers the rat, and the fearsome but cuddly Buckbeak plush on the left. For younger girls, you can also get some very cute Harry Potter dolls.

So there you go, my personal wish-list - uh, I mean my guide to shopping for Christmas and Birthday gifts for a girl who is crazy about Harry Potter. 


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