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Gifts for Girls who Like Disney's Princess Ariel (The Little Mermaid)

The Little Mermaid Trilogy DVD Set 
Does the little girl in your life think Princess Ariel is the most magical of all the Disney Princesses? Well this post is perfect for you! Whether its for Christmas or a birthday present, this post is going to be looking at some adorable and beautiful Little Mermaid themed gifts for girls who love the films.

Jim Shore Enesco Disney Traditions
Little Mermaid Figurine
The first and most obvious gift is the movie itself! Or, more specifically, the wonderful DVD set above which features all three Little Mermaid movies: The Little Mermaid, The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea, and The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning.

My second gift suggestion is for girls who like collectible pieces: on the right is an utterly gorgeous Jim Shore Little Mermaid figurine that any girl is sure to fall in love with instantly (Jim Shore does a version of Ariel after she become a human too!). You can find an equally lovely figurine with a more kitsch style here.

Funko POP Disney Series 3: Ariel Little Mermaid Vinyl Figure
Jewelry is always a fun gift idea for girls, and there is a tonne of Little Mermaid themed jewelry to choose from. Necklaces are a great place to start - depending on your budget I recommend this gorgeous sterling silver piece or this amazing antique style necklace featuring Ariel and the evil Ursula.

Disney Princess Ariel's
Musical Jewelry Box
Big fan of charms? Here's a charm bracelet with all of the Little Mermaid symbols on it, or if the girl already has a charm bracelet, you can get her a Little Mermaid bead spacer and charm.

There's more jewelry options! If she has her ears pierced, there are some fun Ariel earrings you can pick up. Also, there's quite a few watches to choose from: for a big gift, check out this stunning gold Ariel watch, or for a stocking stuffer or small treat, check out this cute piece.

Looking for somewhere to store this awesome jewelry you've bought? Check out this gorgeous golden Disney Parks exclusive jewelry box or the cute pink one on the left.

Disney Princess Water Show Ariel Fashion Doll
Alternatively, you might want to check out this super cute Princess Ariel doll which transforms from mermaid to princess. Pretty awesome! You can even pick up Ariel's sisters Aquata and Andrian in doll form to complete the set!

Disney The Little Mermaid:
Flounder Plush
Princess Ariel plushie, or you can pick up plushie versions of Ariel's friends such as the adorable Flounder teddy on the right or this Sebastian plush. You can get other characters from the movie too, such as the villainous Ursula or the charming Prince Eric. Why not collect them all and given them a loving home?

There's lots of other fun toys to choose from is teddies and dolls aren't your girl's thing. If you are shopping for a more outdoor-sy type, why not get them a Little Mermaid themed bicycle? You can even get a matching helmet for it here. They make a Little Mermaid themed scooter too!

Sea Princess Ultra Soft Microfiber 2-Piece Comforter Sham Set
Finally, there is a lot of awesome bedroom decor that you can get for a mermaid loving lady. The bedding above is my personal favorite - you are sure to have aquatic dreams with it! There's also a tonne of official Ariel bedding: you can find all of my favorite official Little Mermaid themed bedding here.

Disney Ariel the Little Mermaid
Plush Head Cushion Pillow
Other fun Little Mermaid bedroom accessories include pillows (like the one on the left - isn't it cute?), wall murals and even furniture. You might like my guide to decorating a Princess Ariel themed bedroom paradise here, which has even more amazing stuff.

So there you go, all my favorite gift ideas for a girl who just loves the Little Mermaid to bits. I hope you found some cool ideas and that the birthday girl likes her presents! If you liked this post and want to see more, be sure to check out the rest of my blog for loads more themed gift ideas for all occasions and girls of all ages.


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